Disclosing Sustainability

The Transformative Power of Transparency?

The Environmental Policy Group (Wageningen University) organizes a conference titled "Disclosing Sustainability: The Transformative Power of Transparency?", June 24-25 2016. 


Summer School: Infographics competition

The Summer School Tackling Transparency the Methodological Challenges of Research on Disclosing Sustainability, held June 21 to 25, included an infographics workshop in which the 24 summer school participants were challenged to create an infographic in small teams in limited time. The creators of the winning infographic, Measuring Effects of Transparency (see below), received a certificate for their accomplishment during the closing plenary of the conference.


Winning infographic:                                                                   Runner ups:

Made by Nowella Ayango-van Zwieten, Mireia Guix, Lyndal Hasselman, Hamoon Tahmassebi

Made by Abhinav Tiwari, Dan Wang, Paolo Giardullo

Made by Nyamwaya Munthali, Dona Barirani, Mandy Doddema

Made by Zulfa Adiputri, Myrna de Hoop, Nila Kamil

Made by Elena Degli Innocenti, Somjai Nupueng

Made by Jawhar Cholakkathodi, Margreet Brinxma

Made by Yixian Sun, Laurence Wainright, Xavier Tezzo

Made by Meenakshi Sinha Swami. Rungroge Kamondetdacha, Kutay Kutlu